Erinys Iraq believes that the success of any professional organisation’s Health and Safety Management System evolves from senior management commitment and their people. Erinys Iraq’s Health and Safety Management System is built upon, and complies with the ISO 45001 standard. This provides a robust foundation upon which performance can be measured.

Erinys believes that the five pillars of achieving safe and healthy operations lie in:

  • Commitment
  • Controls
  • Cooperation with the workforce
  • Communication of its policies and procedures; and
  • Competence of its work force
  • Training is fundamental to achieving the latter.

Erinys Iraq practices a ‘ground up’ approach to risk awareness, prompting a positive and transparent behavioural safety culture. Every employee, whether at the corporate or operational level, has a responsibility for ensuring that their respective activities are being conducted safely.

Our HSE teams are recruited from various industries – Oil and Gas, security, construction and logistics; all providing a broad reach of experience whilst holding industry best practice in occupational health and safety, environmental management and auditing qualifications.