From the Chairman

Erinys Iraq Ltd was founded in 2003 and the ethos of the company from the outset has been focused on the delivery of an outstanding service. Our mission is to provide our clients the safety, security, and peace of mind that comes from knowing that the best protection in the security market can only be achieved through uncompromising standards and attention to detail. We believe that real security challenges require real security solutions by competent professionals. We approach each of our clients’ individual security challenges as unique, and design bespoke solutions rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach the industry in Iraq has become synonymous with.


We have developed amazing relationships with local communities over the years through the full integration of the company within Iraqi society and culture. The unique blend of Iraqi and international expertise at both the managerial and operational level has enabled the company to reach out to all corners of Iraq as demonstrated by the highly successful delivery of the Iraqi Oil Protection Force (OPF) in 2003-05 and subsequent contracts across key industry sectors, including oil and gas, diplomatic protection, telecommunications, construction, and logistics.

Erinys Iraq continues to evolve as a leading risk management and security provider as the political and socio-economic landscape changes. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved as a company but, more importantly, at our commitment to remain a force for good within our industry and the communities we work in by ensuring that integrity, courage, and accountability remain our core values and that our people continue to demonstrate true professionalism. The positive spirit of the company has been unfailing since its foundation and this is reflected in all areas of our work.

Feisal Sadoun, Chairman